Fitzwilliam Branch of the Pony Club

The Fitzwilliam (Milton) Hunt would like to welcome all members of The Fitzwilliam Hunt Pony Club to come and experience hunting with us. We hold Meets that are specifically for children and there are also other days that would be suitable for you. Please see also our Childrens’ page for information on when children need to be escorted by adults and when they may hunt unaccompanied and other useful information for parents.

All members who are able to confidently control their ponies are welcome and younger children must be led on a lead rein. It is appreciated if parents/guardians of children wishing to join us for a day’s hunting would contact the Secretaries to see if the day is suitable and check whether they need to arrange an escort.

Dress Code & Etiquette – Fitzwilliam Pony Club Guidance

Hunting Dress

All members must be turned out in a PC regulation crash hat with hair tied back and in hairnets (for girls), hacking jacket, fawn coloured jodhpurs, PC ties or correctly tied coloured stocks, black or brown jodhpur boots (either with or without chaps in the same colour) gloves. Body protectors are encouraged but if they are worn outside the jacket MUST be dark coloured, not cross country colours.

Before Coming Out

All members of 14 years and under must be accompanied by an adult on horseback, and it is recommended that older children who have not been hunting before also are accompanied by an adult until they feel confident to hunt by themselves.

On the Day

You must remember you will be riding over people’s private land, so please treat with respect. We would not be able to hunt without the generosity of the farmers and land owners. Please be prompt in arriving at the meet, and when you arrive find the secretary on duty and pass her your field money, which please have in an envelope with your name on. The next person to find is the Field Master for the day. He/she is in charge for the day and will let you know where we can ride, you must stay behind the Field Master at all times.


Beware of horses with red ribbons in their tail – indicates they may kick (or green ribbon means young horse). If you pony is likely to kick you must put a red ribbon in its tail and keep to the back of the field. Please try and make sure your brakes work – the hunting field is not a race track! It is very important that you are polite to others and do not use any bad language or loud voices. Whilst jumping please don’t get too close to the one in front. If you do stop, get out of the way as quickly as possible to allow others through. If you do not wish to jump there is always an adult who can show you a safe route around the fences. Do not attempt to jump by an open gate. Walk over wooden bridges and wait at the far side until the next horse has crossed behind you. Always follow where the Field Master has gone, keeping well into the side when on arable land, look out for holes and do not get too close to the horse in front. Always pass back messages (for example “Gate Please” – which means gate is to be closed by last person; etc). Keep you pony away from hounds and always face it towards hounds should they come past you. Should you fall, remember to thank the person who brings your pony back to you. Most of all, have an enjoyable day.

Events & Information

We don’t only go hunting, we also have our point to point, our show and garden open day and other events, and even our own for sale and wanted page. For more details, click on the links to the Facebook pages below, or contact the Hunt Secretaries via the contact details on the Contacts page