Hunting Within the Law

We consider the Hunting Act 2004 to be an ill thought-out piece of legislation that is harmful to the hunted species, the environments in which they live and the rural economies that surround them. However, we are law-abiding people and whilst it remains in force, the Fitzwilliam will continue to hunt within the law, providing activities for our Hunt Followers and services to farmers and landowners. In parallel with this, we remain active in seeking repeal of this law.

The infrastructure of the Hunt requires a significant income each year to maintain it, and our supporters make a valued contribution to this. The hounds and the horses all require feed and veterinary expenses and equipment to be purchased. They also require housing, which must be maintained, and staff to look after them, who also have to be paid and housed.

These bills are paid for by the followers and supporters, both in the form of subscriptions to the Hunt and by supporting fundraising events run by the Fitzwilliam Hunt Supporters’ Club.
Very importantly, there are also a significant number of local trades-people who rely upon the Hunt and its followers for some or all of their winter income. By maintaining our activities, we ensure that these trades-people can maintain their incomes.

We actually do a variety of things, sometimes just exercising our hounds and horses together, or hunting a trail where a scent is laid by a trail layer across the country for hounds to follow, or using hounds to “flush” or move a fox into the open where it can be taken by a bird of prey such as our Golden Eagle. All of these activities are legal and permitted under the Hunting Act.

Events & Information

We don’t only go hunting, we also have our point to point, our show and garden open day and other events, and even our own for sale and wanted page. For more details, click on the links to the Facebook pages below, or contact the Hunt Secretaries via the contact details on the Contacts page